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This is the #1 place where you can get complete solution and fix all kinds of PC problems if they are infected with virus, spyware, Trojans, rootkits or any other malware items. This is the one spot junction where you can get rid of slow PC performance issues and can save your valuable time that gets squandered running around in-store repair agencies. There is no need to indulge in any kind of frustration as you can get answer to all your computer problems here and don’t have to go anywhere else.

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About the Website

Our website www.virushunter.us.com is a security research center which is committed in providing in-depth knowledge to the users regarding spyware and virus that affects Windows based system from time to time. Our authors over here keeps you updated regarding the latest threats and suggest ways to get rid of them. This particular site is a pioneer in itself and provides updated information that are professionally written on myriad PC threats like virus, keyloggers, browser hijacker, rootkit etc. This is one hub junction where you can get to know everything about malware and spyware. We have one basic mission and that is to render support to your computer at times of infection and suggest plausible guidelines to get rid of computer threats.

What is Spyhunter & How It is Beneficial for Windows PC?

Spyhunter is a very powerful anti-spyware tool that helps individual to remove virus and other potent threats from their Windows PC in an effective manner. The software has been certified with a Check Mark certification by West Coast Labs. This is the best tool that is available in the market assisting you to give optimum amount of security and protection to your computer at a very reasonable price. The software is designed keeping in mind of both professional as well as novice users. The tool incorporates sophisticated scanning and makes it easy for people to use irrespective of limited computer knowledge.


Spyhunter is your one stop solution and answer to the rising malware threats that has dominated the internet world of today. This software runs parallel with the latest technology and can detect all kinds of PC threats that other anti-spyware tools fails to offer. The tool incorporates innovative detection technology that allows to scan and locate rootkits in an easy manner and removes the same once you reboot your system. At one hand Spyhunter makes use of latest malware fighting techniques while one the other hand the interface is simple and straightforward that allows novice to use he tool without any worries. With one click of the button, the software can scan your system and generates a report of the infected items in a thumbnail pattern. All you need to do is to press “Click to Remove” so as to flush out all the malware from your Windows computer.



Spyhunter Software Features

warningIdentifies New Threat: The database of ours is highly sophisticated and we have a team of dedicated experts who use state of the art methodology to detect and find new malware and other possible PC threats. The software identifies all the newly arrived threats before they are propagated on a global platform.

VirusRemovalEasy Removal Process: The software employs heuristic scanning methods to detect and remove all the spyware and other virus no matter how fatal or severe they are. The tool offers complete removal process in just one single scan without any hassles whatsoever and there is no damage done to the Windows PC of any kind.

system guardSystem Guards: This is the core feature of Spyhunter that offers Registry Protection, Active X and Process Control and hence provides optimum amount of security from all kinds of malware items. Hence not any kind of foreign malicious item can infiltrate your PC from now onwards. There is a management console available that helps you to monitor all the system processes.

Slow-AV-ScansCustom Scan and Backup: Before the software removes any kind of malware from your system, it makes a complete backup of all the data present in the hard drive. This is done to avoid data loss that might occur and you can restore the lost data with Spyhunter’s roll back feature. There is customized scan available that allows you to scan certain sectors on your hard drive, perform in-depth scanning etc.

Network_Sentry_OverviewNetwork Sentry: This feature offers you complete control over the network settings of your PC. All you need to do is to enable the feature which in turn would prevent malware from getting inside your PC through networking. With this feature, you are one step ahead in protecting your important Windows file and host file.

What is Spyhunter Help Desk?

This is a junction where you can get complete customer support regarding any virus or malware inhibiting your PC. We offer you live chat support through 2 main core services namely Live Technical Support and Custom Fix. You can be completely get assured that the services we provide to you is the best in the market and it would definitely help you to combat malware from your PC no matter how vicious, fatal and deep rooted they are …!!!!!!

There are 3 levels of support we offer to our customers and clients and they are as follows:

  • Level 1: Visual instructions are provided to update the software virus definitions
  • Level 2: Customized report to get rid of spyware infection from the computer
  • Level 3: Our technicians will contact you and assist ways to remove the threat

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PC Infected with Spyware or Virus? Try Spyhunter

Is the PC of yours working slowly and there has been existence of alien stuffs inside the hard drive in the form of virus or spyware? Are you running from pillars to posts in search for automatic removal tool that can get rid of PC threats? If the answer to the questions are in the affirmative, then relax because you search ends here. Download Spyhunter Software which is the answer to all the languishing problems of your computer. The software detects all kinds of malware and removes from the hard disk using heuristic scanning methods.


All kinds of annoying pop up and other error messages are resolved successfully and the performance of the system is increased to 3 fold times. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows based PC and offers proactive features that gives immunity to your system from future virus and malware attacks.